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Rococo Heaven: Sanssouci, Potsdam Germany.

Frederick the Great, the infamous Prussian King is one of the most fascinating monarchs of all time.

You don’t even need to read a book about him to know how great and colorful a person he is; you simply have to see his former summer palace which he called Sanssouci (literally, “without concerns”), in Potsdam (about an hour by train from Berlin) Germany.

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Sanssouci Palace Germany

Sanssouci Palace Potsdam

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Rococo or Late Baroque is basically an artistic movement in the 18th century that is very expressive, sometimes extravagantly ornate and theatrical in nature. Frederician Rococo was coined after the Prussian King’s great admiration for the movement and built Sanssouci  which became a fine embodiment of this style.

Sanssouci Potsdam Germany


What interests me more about King Frederick is not only his flamboyant palace but equally his incredible personal life. Some historians agree that he is a homosexual. He allegedly had romantic and intimate relationships with men in his court, he wrote about men he “likes” in his diary, notably used to visit his wife only once a year, and pratically considered Sanssouci his piece of Gay Heaven where he could live “carefree”: played music, sang songs, wrote poetry, and just being gay all day everyday mostly with men. Even the famous french philosopher Voltaire disclosed the flamboyant King’s homosexual lifestyle in his book, The Private Life of the King of Prussia.

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Gay or not, there is no question that King Frederick was Germany’s most talented and remarkable ruler whose life and work still inspires and influences modern society today.

King Frederick Gay ruler of Prussia by Andy Warhol
King Frederick of Prussia by Andy Warhol

Photography by T.O.M and War Julian

Styling Notes: Wool Hat by Stetson, Saint Laurent Sunglasses, Jacket by Frankie Morello (Milan), Pants from Seoul, Marni Shoes 

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