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Island of the Gods: Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is one of the most beautiful, culture-rich, and (for the romantics like me) magical places on earth.

A favourite destination for the party-seekers, soul-searchers (i.e.,wanna-be eat-pray-lovers), and people who just want to get lost in this little island of heaven on earth.

Bali will get one high in so many ways and respects.

I come here to find out how it feels to commune with the Gods.

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damselfrau mask warjulian
war julian damselfrau mask

Fashion/Style Notes: I love masks. I’ve collected a few through the years. Putting on a mask makes me feel secure. It hides my face and works like an armour. The mask I wore here was made by the incredibly talented artist @damselfrau (find her beautiful works on instagram). The pleated Kimono is from Issey Miyake’s collaboration with artist Ikko Tanaka. It flows like liquid when I move, breezy and comfortable to wear, and the silky fabric feels so good to touch. Shirt also Issey Miyake, necklace from Phuket weekend markets. And finally, why not throw in some pleated, geometric goodness Issey Miyake pants, with some Prada S/S 17 runway sandals and headband to complete Le Lewk.
Photography: @planet.tom
Location: The Agung Rai Museum of Art, Ubud Bali
x War Julian x