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Art Scene: Venice, Italy.

Travelling and Art- just a few of my favourite things. And what a delight to revel in both worlds during my trip to the romantic water city of Venice.

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More than just a city of shiny gondolas, picturesque water canals, and grand palazzos, Venice is an oasis of world-class museums and art festivals.



Inside the majestic palazzos rising above the lagoon, are priceless display of paintings, sculptures, and fine objects so desirable you wish you can take them home for yourself.


This candy colored chandelier (made from famed Venetian Murano glass) is one that I so desire to illuminate my life. So as the elaborate ceiling fresco paintings and intricate floral and cherub head sculptures; You know, details like that.

*I need some major Venetian interior design refurbishing in my home. Lotto Win, hurry up and manifest. I’m so ready.*

 Contemporary Art Scene

A sterile-looking room by the artist Loris Greaud (work tittle: Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?) is one I thoroughly enjoyed. A room painted bleach-white from floor to ceiling, neurotic synth noise in the background, the buzzing from fluorescent tube lights, created such a rich surrealist experience.

Oh, and there’s some formed and mutilated gorilla fetuses there too. Go figure.


Loris Greaud Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?
Below: Placing Ai Wei Wei’s political art pieces (Forever Bicycles) against a classical Italian mansion, somehow heightens the rebellious streak of the artwork.


No Maps, Compass, or Google apps needed.

It’s totally fine to wander and get lost in the maze-like streets of Venice. There’s so much to see here, but the Art scene is an experience one should explore and not miss.


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*#Nofilter indeed. This room enveloped in royal blue light.*

Photography: @planet.tom and @warjulian
Location: Various museums around Venice, Italy.

Style/Fashion Notes: Felt hat, hooded shirt, Saint Laurent Sunglasses, Versace Medusa Necklace, Dan Dvran couture pants, Adidas x Raf Simons sneakers;

x War Julian x