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Take Me to Osaka Castle!

Take Me to Osaka Castle! One of the reasons why I love Japan is the variety of options one can enjoy here. Sure the shopping experience is great, but the cultural experience is just as fascinating. The Osaka Castle, built in 1583, is an example of this countrys’ colourful heritage. […]

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Aqua Day

Aqua Day. I love staring at an aquarium. It’s meditative. Colorful aquatic creatures slowly moving in the water-  makes me feel like time goes a little bit…slower too. So going inside one of the largest in the world like the Osaka Aquarium, takes aquarium meditation to the next level for me. […]

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Osaka, Japan, warjulian.com

Out and About in Osaka

Out and about in Osaka. Time to explore this city! First stop, America-Mura or Amemura as the locals call it, is in the heart of the Namba/Minami District. As expected, lots of “american-themed” shops and boutiques, but I also loved the vintage stores here that sells lots of cool jackets […]

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First Night in Osaka (Japan)

First Night in Osaka (Japan) I’m back in Japan! I can’t believe it’s only 6 months ago since I’ve travelled to Tokyo- and now I’m in Osaka! Oh, how I love this country: the royal treatment almost everywhere you go, delicious food, extraordinarily polite people, and very unique, inspiring culture. […]

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Phiippine tropical paradise

Las Islas Filipinas (Philippine Islands)

It’s great to be back home. There’s something about coming back to a place where it is very familiar, and being with family again. It feels very grounding; it recharges your batteries so to speak. My home in the Philippines is what you may call a Beach Resort Town. In […]

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Country Road: Australian Outback Style

Country Road: Australian Outback Style. Decided to visit Derby today and enjoyed every bit of the road trip. It’s a good 2-hour drive from Broome and the scenery was amazing. For starters, I’ve never seen so many giant Ant Hills in my life and they are quite creepy. From afar, they […]

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Luxury for Free!

  Luxury for Free! I never get tired of watching the sunset here in Broome. In one area called Gantheaume Point it’s  even more dramatic. The red soil, pre-historic rock formations (Dinosaur footprints could be seen during low tides!), turquoise blue sea, together with the orange sunset glow create the perfect magic […]

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