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5 Ways to Pop Art Vibes

5 Ways to Pop Art Vibes Think Andy Warhol. Put on something with prints. Preferably Artistic, Popular, iconic logos like: Coca-cola, Campbell’s soup, bananas… y’know- Warhol. Let your hair down (Or put on a wig, any color). Add a wide-brim hat or you’re favourite hair accessory. Go to the city; […]

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High Quality, Low Budget Travel: Apo Island, Philippines.

High Quality, Low Budget Travel: Apo Island, Philippines. This year, two islands from the Philippines, Boracay and Palawan were recognised as the Top 2 Best Islands in the world by Conde Nast Traveller. I agree with CNtraveller‘s list, however with international exposure (especially from a luxury travel authority as illustrious as Conde Nast Traveler) brings […]

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Moda Milano

Moda Milano. A fine afternoon gallivanting around Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda (fashion district): Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, and Via Manzoni. Soaking up the Alta Moda vibe in Milan can be therapeutic and cleansing to the fashionista’s soul. However, too much of it could also result to a different kind […]

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Summer Bliss: Murray Rose Pool/Double Bay, Sydney, Australia

Summer Bliss: Murray Rose Pool/Double Bay, Sydney Australia Sydneysiders rejoice! It definitely feels like summer has been extended. What Autumn?? Weather woman says records had been broken as temperatures continue to soar. Luckily for the people of Sydney, we have plenty of gorgeous Beach destinations to find refuge and cool down. […]

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Afternoon Tea: Watson’s Bay, Sydney Australia

Afternoon Tea: Watson’s Bay, Sydney Australia. I’ve been living in Sydney for over 6 months now, and loving the fact that there are still so much to see and do. Afternoon tea, for example, doesn’t need to be confined to my local cafe down the road. A ferry ride from […]

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A night with the Sartorialist x Holden

  A night with the Sartorialist x Holden. It was great to finally see all the beautiful photographs by Scott Schuman a.k.a the Sartorialist. I had an amazing experience being a part of his project with Australian car company Holden. The Sartorialist started it all. Scott Schuman made street style […]

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Versailles: Royal Playground

The Palace of Versailles is the perfect embodiment of artistic refinement, wealth, power, grandeur, and pure royalty.     Playground Transport I would have loved to explore the extensive parks and gardens of the Versailles on horseback for maximum cliche effect. However, a pushbike was the next best and practical […]

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