War Julian Mercedes Benz Fasion Festival Sydney

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival- Sydney 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival- Sydney 2015 As a fresh Sydneysider, I am keen to checkout the best of this town’s fashion scene. The best way to take my first plunge of course is by going to the source– the glamorous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival night. Now this event comes with a price, […]

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war julian

Hong Kong Fashion and Art Scene!

Hong Kong Fashion and Art Scene! It was so good to be back in Hong Kong. Last time I visited was almost four years ago. It’s one of my top favourite countries to visit: food is amazing (all the best variety of chinese cuisine!), shopping is fantastic (one day is […]

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Chinese Street Fashion at 798 Art District, Beijing China.

Chinese Street Fashion at 798 Art District, Beijing China.   I was thrilled to find out that 798 Art District also had a thriving fashion scene. Dare I say- the best I’ve seen in Beijing! Apart from fantastic paintings and sculptures, you can also find emerging independent fashion labels and […]

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Chanel Shopping Centre,

Chanel Shopping Centre: Fall-Winter 2014/15

Chanel Shopping Centre: Fall-Winter 2014/15. Yes! Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld has opened an exclusive shopping centre for the Coco devotees. Well, for about 14 minutes inside the Grand Palais in Paris for the Fall-Winter 2014/15 RTW fashion show anyway. Looked fabulous though! See some photos and the full video of the […]

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Tetsumi Kudo,, war julian


Fashion+Art+Travel Before leaving Osaka, I made sure I’d visit one more art museum, and of course spend my entire savings on clothes checked on the fashion scene some more. These were some of the exciting things I found out on my last two remaining days in Osaka: 1. The National Museum […]

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Aqua Day

Aqua Day. I love staring at an aquarium. It’s meditative. Colorful aquatic creatures slowly moving in the water-  makes me feel like time goes a little bit…slower too. So going inside one of the largest in the world like the Osaka Aquarium, takes aquarium meditation to the next level for me. […]

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Osaka, Japan,

Out and About in Osaka

Out and about in Osaka. Time to explore this city! First stop, America-Mura or Amemura as the locals call it, is in the heart of the Namba/Minami District. As expected, lots of “american-themed” shops and boutiques, but I also loved the vintage stores here that sells lots of cool jackets […]

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