My Little Girl Scout by Zeke’s Lunchbox

My Little Girl Scout by Zeke’s Lunchbox. I love an artistic work that challenges beliefs and rattles sensibilities. Something subtle or profound that seduces you to look closer and stirs an emotional reaction that lingers on until you go to bed at night. “My Little Girl Scout”, a soft sculpture […]

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Inside DAN DVRAN’s Studio

Inside DAN DVRAN’s Studio. I visited my friend (and style accomplice) last year, and checked on his fashion projects and art works.   I’ve known Dan for a long time and I’ve always been a great admirer of his design aesthetic: artistic, intelligent, bold, with a hate-it-or-love-it effect. He generously spent […]

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war julian

Hong Kong Fashion and Art Scene!

Hong Kong Fashion and Art Scene! It was so good to be back in Hong Kong. Last time I visited was almost four years ago. It’s one of my top favourite countries to visit: food is amazing (all the best variety of chinese cuisine!), shopping is fantastic (one day is […]

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war julian at 798 art district beijing china

798 Art District: Contemporary Chinese Art Culture

798 Art District: Contemporary Chinese Art Culture. If you happen to visit Beijing and you like Art, Fashion, and even food; then look no further than the 798 art district in Chaoyang! This complex is lined with massive, old factory buildings and was once the hub of weapon making production […]

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Tetsumi Kudo,, war julian


Fashion+Art+Travel Before leaving Osaka, I made sure I’d visit one more art museum, and of course spend my entire savings on clothes checked on the fashion scene some more. These were some of the exciting things I found out on my last two remaining days in Osaka: 1. The National Museum […]

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The Art of Seiji Fujishiro

The Art of Seiji Fujishiro. Warning: Art geek-ery ahead. When I was about 10 years old, I used to enjoy watching Japanese tourism programs on TV. One episode featured a Japanese artist. A man probably in his late 60s at the time. I didn’t remember his name, but what was […]

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Country Road: Australian Outback Style

Country Road: Australian Outback Style. Decided to visit Derby today and enjoyed every bit of the road trip. It’s a good 2-hour drive from Broome and the scenery was amazing. For starters, I’ve never seen so many giant Ant Hills in my life and they are quite creepy. From afar, they […]

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