Old Phuket Town, Thailand.

Tourists flock to Phuket to indulge in its never-ending parties, sun-bath on its white sand beaches, and to some- experience the best go-go dancing shows in all of South-East Asia. But there’s another side of town that is less hedonistic and more sober, yet stimulating at the same time.

The cultural heritage of Old Phuket Town, Thailand.

Away from the booming party scene of Bangla Road and tourists-packed white sand Beaches of Patong, Old Town Phuket is where you can have a break, admire the colourful architectural buildings (some with incredible graffiti art on them), get your caffeine fix (or sample a variety of cold and colourful fruit drinks) in some trendy coffee shop, or visit a nearby museum to learn more about the early days.

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Old Town Phuket Thailand warjulian blog
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The streets were packed with gifts and souvenirs shops, clothing and accessories, furniture and vintage stores, and of course, plenty of Thai, Malay, and fusion food restaurants, yet the atmosphere did not feel busy. I noticed that people didn’t seem to rush, and there was less noise than other popular areas in Phuket.

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A few minutes drive away from Old Phuket town is Chinpracha House. If you’re into historical buildings with classical interior design, then this is the place to visit.

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I like browsing at old pictures in historic houses like Chinpracha. It’s fascinating to learn about how the original residents once lived. The challenges they faced despite their wealthy status. Where they from? Were they good people? The life and decadence of rich men and women in Old Phuket town.

The Heritage Buildings.

With continued efforts by the local government in maintaining the Old Town, the buildings are not only preserved, but they now pop with brilliant candy-colours that brighten up the streets, giving an evocative vibe of the olden days.

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