Multicultural Australia is beautiful Australia.

05:30 to 07:00 A.M.

I woke up early to witness the orange glowing sunrise, and breathe the fresh morning ocean breeze, in stunning Jervis Bay. This day, I wore clothes and accessories that I managed to collect over the years: a fine kimono from Japan, a colourful necklace from Senegal,  leather sandals from Italy, and a few other things derived from different countries and cultures. This to me, is one way to celebrate and embrace multiculturalism.

Hate speech and bullying are off-springs of ignorance.

Discussions about race, religion, immigration, and sexuality are hot topics on the Australian news and various social media. It’s interesting to know people’s varying opinions on these subjects. Some are apathetic, while others get so passionate in heated debates that sometimes intensify into hate speech and bullying. The internet is a breeding space for people who seems to revel in spreading homophobic and racist comments.

It’s sad that in  2017 people are still ignorant.

Educating ourselves and others more and more is the cure. We must learn from history and the tragedies brought about by pure hate  that could have been avoided; because history does repeat itself as people don’t learn.

Tolerance or even acceptance is the way forward, not the other way around.

Living in a society where diversity of culture and opinions are respected and celebrated, should NOT be regarded as a utopian idea anymore.

“Imagine…nothing to kill or die for…imagine all the people…living life in peace” – J. Lennon


Jervis Australia New South Wales
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jervis bay new south wales australia

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Fashion/Style Notes: The AustraAlien look- Rastafarian dreadlocks, Hindu Septum Nose ring, Necklace from Senegal, Wood and stone combination bracelet from a Hippie store in Jervis Bay NSW Australia, Vintage Kimono from Japan, Custom Whalebone Corset for War Julian by Dan Dvran Studio, Harem Pants from Korea, Leather sandals by Mugler Italy.

x War Julian x