5 Ways to Pop Art Vibes

  1. Think Andy Warhol.
  2. Put on something with prints. Preferably Artistic, Popular, iconic logos like: Coca-cola, Campbell’s soup, bananas… y’know- Warhol.
  3. Let your hair down (Or put on a wig, any color). Add a wide-brim hat or you’re favourite hair accessory.
  4. Go to the city; Preferably at night. Find a music or art event. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Drink. Dance.
  5. Find a colourful backdrop. Get photographed.


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Electronica. Tantric. Cosmic. Spunky Bruiser’s Clothing store turned DJ lounge for a night.

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Happy Holidays!


Fashion/Style Notes: Hat by ASOS; Coca-Cola ensemble by Lafayette from Privilege Store (Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan); Watch by Karl Lagerfeld; Leather Sandals by Mugler (Nicola Formichetti era).


x War Julian x