Akihabara: Tokyo, Japan

There’s only one city in the world that I happily visit over and over again whenever I needed a quick burst of creative rejuvenation:

Tokyo, Japan.

Geeky Akiba.

Exploring the animated Akihabara district is a feast not only for the eyes, but for all senses. You’ll find shops illuminated by dizzying LED lights, non-stop Japanese songs and tunes blasted out from the speakers in the department stores, multi-coloured billboards, and soaring buildings evoke the energising Manga world that only the Japanese can provide and achieve.

In this trip, I promised myself to indulge on Akiba’s one-of-a-kind gadgets and tech markets. Armed with incomparable patience and utmost determination to spend money, I secured some super-cool items that now adds to my collection of crap gadgets that I don’t need enjoy and love.

Although I’m still beating myself up for second-guessing and not just buying that damn portable neck/spine/back/thigh massager.

Dirty Kawaii!

Surprise, surprise.

Seems like there’s more to Akihabara’s cute-sy image than meets the eye. Underneath all that innocent, bubble-gum, anime reputation is the centre for Japanese Hentai and porn market!

I stumbled in to what initially appeared to be an unassuming Japanese Manga shop, only to find out that it was a store devoted to a serious collection of Anime fetish porn dvds, magazines, toys,…you name it.

To be fair, Japanese porn shops in Akihabara don’t look sleazy at all. They’re clean (a Japanese standard), bright, and patrons inside are so well-behaved you’d think they’re paying the local buddhist temple a visit.

Tokyo means Fashion.

Apart from satisfying my gadget fix in Akihabara, I also go to the following areas for some obligatory wardrobe update:

  • Harajuku – the fashion laboratory of Japan. The natural habitat of the fabled Harajuku Girls. A great place to watch real-life fashion show, on real people, walking down the streets! (On this trip I met a young designer named Yumi creating and selling clothes in her atelier/store called ILKPS).
  • Koenji – Hipster and vintage style worshippers would need a whole day exploring this expansive district of sublime and intriguing shops. This is where I go to buy one-of-a-kind and well-curated vintage pieces and unique hats (I bought this hat in a store called Fish Born Chips).

This is my quest!

In a world where hordes of basics abound, and pedestrian thinking is shockingly widespread – I go back to Tokyo.

It has become my retreat and sanctuary.

Where imaginative thinking are found, nurtured, and celebrated.



Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

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Brixton hat; LGR sunnies; Pearl necklace designed by War Julian, made by bijouterie-maker HATHI (The Rocks, Sydney); Long Shirt designed with repurposed shirts by the amazing YUMI of ILPKS store (Harajuku/Cat Street Tokyo, Japan); Karl Lagerfeld Watch; Pants made by the incredible Spunky Bruiser & Soto Smith team (Sydney, Australia); Givenchy shoes.

Photos by T.O.M and I.

x War Julian x