My Little Girl Scout by Zeke’s Lunchbox.

I love an artistic work that challenges beliefs and rattles sensibilities.

Something subtle or profound that seduces you to look closer and stirs an emotional reaction that lingers on until you go to bed at night.

“My Little Girl Scout”, a soft sculpture by Julia Angelina Rich aka Zeke, certainly radiates the kind of artwork that I enjoy and pursue.

I first saw this art piece exhibited last year at my favourite Spunky Bruiser’s clothing shop at Sydney’s Oxford Street. I was so excited when I found out that it was still available dat the TeeZee Studio, Brand X Residency, which is currently running at 180 Campbell Street, Surry Hills here in Sydney. Zeke exhibiting with co-artist Terhor, who equally makes incredible art works.

And after careful and long deliberation…


I pleaded not guilty to committing a snap purchase on the hallowed grounds for “Art.In.Vest.Ment”.

The End.

Julia Angelina Rich and War Julian
Artist and fellow Aussie-Pinay Julia Angelina Rich aka Zeke, and I.

Julia perfectly manufactured an innocent-looking, cartoonish girl and doused her with candy-sweet, sticky shots of perversity; yet she remains innocent and playful.

or is she?

Odd, weird, pop goes psychedelic acid trip is perfectly divine in Zeke’s scintillating alien universe. A universe I actually quite willing to escape and dive into. Where orgasmic sexual pleasures are celebrated, or rather- venerated.

Euphoric ejaculations- nourishing and healthy. 

This art piece is provocative, but never leans towards easy and cheap vulgarity.

“My Little Girl Scout”, aka Sydney now lives happily in my apartment’s living room.

I’m a proud adoptive parent of a Zeke’s Lunchbox creature.

Find more of Zeke’s alien beings at


x War Julian x