A night with the Sartorialist x Holden.

It was great to finally see all the beautiful photographs by Scott Schuman a.k.a the Sartorialist. I had an amazing experience being a part of his project with Australian car company Holden.

The Sartorialist started it all.

Scott Schuman made street style blogging cool on the internet. He became well known in the fashion industry and has earned respect for his keen eye in capturing the fashionable and stylish people on the streets: in New York, Milan, Paris, or even far-flung locations like India or South America.

He captures not only images of people, but also about people;

Not only their fashion or sense of style, but also the subject’s character and attitude; 

Excuted always in a flattering and exalted way.

Variety is key.

Just like this collaboration with Holden, Scott’s chosen subjects are always varied.

He takes photos of celebrities, of kids in their impeccable school uniform on their way to school, to the charming 90-year old woman posing in a quaint street in Florence.

Needless to say, I admire his work.

All the photographs that Scott has taken for this project with Holden are all unique and unquestionably stunning.

The guys and girls on the the other 8 pictures are full of character, they tell their own story, and the photogragphy style is very true to Scott’s work.

I commend Holden Australia’s marketing venture to streetstyle chic.

I know I’m definitely sold. 😉

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Style/Fashion Notes: Medusa necklace by Versace; Jacket and Studded Gloves by Karl Lagerfeld, Shirt by Issey Miyake; pants by Haikure (Italy); Shoes by Vivienne Westwood;

More of my Sartorialist x Holden photoshoot, here.

x War Julian x

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