Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival- Sydney 2015

As a fresh Sydneysider, I am keen to checkout the best of this town’s fashion scene.

The best way to take my first plunge of course is by going to the source– the glamorous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival night.

War Julian Mercedes Benz Fasion Festival Sydney

Now this event comes with a price, depending on where you’re seated. I hate to sound like a total smug, but the best way to truly appreciate the clothes with all its remarkable details and craftsmanship is for me to see them as close as possible.

Solution: sit front row.

war julian sydney australia fashion blog

The MBFF exceeded my expectations. Sydney’s Town Hall was perfect for the event- massive, ornate, stylish. The runway music was fresh and seductive for the towering models to strut their way in the latest and desirable Australian fashion designs.

In between shows, you then have the option to go to the the MBFF lounge or Festival Bar to get- what else- BOOZE!

Well, there was also a chocolate bar, canapés served around, photo booths, and other activities, where you can social-media your cutesy fashionista heart out.

***I went straight for the booze***


There were two design houses that I fell in love with that night: Romance Was Born and Akira Isogawa. Naturally, I was drawn to their romantic, colourful, and dramatic aesthetic.

akira isogawa sydney
romance was born sydney

Alas, the shows are highly focused on womenswear and targeting the female’s wardrobe market.

Although I’d happily wear some of the women’s jackets and pants shown on the runway that night.

I wish to see more male models men’s clothing on the next MBFF runway in the future.


Fashion/Style Notes: Hat by Brixton, Shirt by Calvin Klein, Pants by Bai Peng, Fur sling Bag by Elk Australia, Boots by Raf Simons;

More runway photos from the Gallery.

x War Julian x