The Palace of Versailles is the perfect embodiment of artistic refinement, wealth, power, grandeur, and pure royalty.




Playground Transport

I would have loved to explore the extensive parks and gardens of the Versailles on horseback for maximum cliche effect.

However, a pushbike was the next best and practical thing. I thought bicycling was actually more european and romantic.

warjulian in Versailles, France
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Above: Overlooking Queen Marie Antoinette’s playground- the Hameau de la Reine. She used to come here to escape the austere life of the Palace. Here she could play “peasant girl” for a day with her closest friends. It was so private and exclusive, not even the King could come without the expressed permission from the Queen.

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The palace of Versailles is no-doubt photogenic and romantic, but history also reminds us how ugly and horrible the events that occurred here in the past.

Gossip, deception, earthly delights, and most famously- fall of the monarchy induced by people’s revolt.

Heads rolled.

So, what have I learned from my visit in Versailles?

More is more!

I learned that if you bother building a huge magnificent palace, then you might as well surround it with green, expansive lawns, with dramatic water fountains, marble statues and petit palaces snuggled by flowering gardens .

Never compromise. Budgeting is bad taste.

Guillotine a.k.a Karma

However, if you’re happy to live in such selfish and thoughtless indulgence at the expense of other people’s misery, then be prepared to offer your pretty little head to the razor sharp blade of the guillotine.




Style/Fashion Notes: I adore this golden garb creation (incl. the Shirt and Pants), custom-made to perfection by couturier DAN DVRAN; I love its dynamic shape and movement as I move around. Shoes by Marni; Sunglasses L.G.R.;


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