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A night with the Sartorialist x Holden

  A night with the Sartorialist x Holden. It was great to finally see all the beautiful photographs by Scott Schuman a.k.a the Sartorialist. I had an amazing experience being a part of his project with Australian car company Holden. The Sartorialist started it all. Scott Schuman made street style […]

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The Sartorialist x Holden Australia

Serendipity. One day, through the wonderful world of Instagram I saw a feed from Holden Australia saying that the Sartorialist is coming to Sydney to promote his new book, Sartorialist X. For the unfamiliar, Scott Schuman is the founder of the mega successful streetstyle photography blog- He’s often hailed […]

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War Julian Mercedes Benz Fasion Festival Sydney

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival- Sydney 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival- Sydney 2015 As a fresh Sydneysider, I am keen to checkout the best of this town’s fashion scene. The best way to take my first plunge of course is by going to the source– the glamorous Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival night. Now this event comes with a price, […]

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Versailles: Royal Playground

The Palace of Versailles is the perfect embodiment of artistic refinement, wealth, power, grandeur, and pure royalty.     Playground Transport I would have loved to explore the extensive parks and gardens of the Versailles on horseback for maximum cliche effect. However, a pushbike was the next best and practical […]

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Island Getaway: Philippines

A few months ago I went back to my native Philippines to visit family and friends. It was so good to be able to swim in the tropical seas again. Nothing compares the experience of swimming among the pristine and colourful corals of the Islands. There are plenty of them, […]

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