Views from the top: the Swiss Alps!

There I was; leaving my childhood dreams.

Me, outside the chalet. Admiring the grand display of perfect mountain curves covered with glistening snow- I’m actually on top of the Swiss Alps!? Pinch me!  

The scenery was so beautiful and surreal I swore I heard Heidi yodelling over the nearby hills.

The chalet that we stayed in could never be any more ideal in it’s location. Tucked away from frenzied tourists, all we could see was the panoramic, unobstructed views of the great Bernese Alps. Sun shining, blue skies, lush forest; if heaven was a destination, we were in it.

High Alpine Therapy.

The air was fresh with a hint of chill but nevertheless pleasant. The only sound you hear were the rustling of the leaves from the trees and the occasional tram passing by every now and then. The majestic snow-covered mountains were so captivating you could marvel at them for hours.

One clear night, I gazed with reverence on the moon casting its bright light over the Alps, making the mountains even more spectacular. I then wrapped myself with the thickest blanket I could find, sat on a wooden chair outdoor, steaming hot chocolate on one hand.


Feeling the evening air brushing on my cheeks and hair; it was the perfect time to introspect, and enjoy being.

The hot chocolate was really good too.

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Style/Fashion Notes: Hat by Stetson, Eyewear by Saint Laurent, Vintage neon scarf bought from Berlin, Unisex Pleated Gown by IceTree from 798 fashion district in Beijing, Raf Simons x Ruby Sterling boots. 

Photography by T.O.M.


x War Julian x


  1. love your style…awesome pictures, warjulian.

  2. The view is absolutely stunning! I can only imagine how peaceful and serene it must have been up there. There’s nothing quite like fresh mountain air. Love your acid yellow/green scarf, by the way. It’s ELECTRIC!

  3. Cool fotos dude!