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massaro and laurence dacade

Massaro x Laurence Dacade : Ultimate Cinderella Shoes

Massaro x Laurence Dacade: Ultimate Cinderella Shoes I am a huge fan of Parisian arts and couture. I am one of those people who keeps on obsessing and dreaming about the fabulous ateliers and the incredible creations they make – be it clothes, jewelries, or shoes. This obsessive quest for […]

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fashion blogger warjulian

Views from the top: the Swiss Alps!

Views from the top: the Swiss Alps! There I was; leaving my childhood dreams. Me, outside the chalet. Admiring the grand display of perfect mountain curves covered with glistening snow- I’m actually on top of the Swiss Alps!? Pinch me!   The scenery was so beautiful and surreal I swore I […]

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