Bright lights! The Bund, Shanghai China.

It was like stepping out into the future! Shanghai is a city that is so full of energy and its cityscape is one of a kind.

In one direction, you’ll see the futuristic Oriental Pearl Tower majestically peering over Shanghai city like a giant alien pod. Then in another direction, a classic, European style building that makes you feel like you’re walking somewhere in the streets of London, England. It’s a fantastic mix between Asian and Western cultures. Old china and the China of today: ultra-modern and powerful.


Beijing may be more famous in terms of the food culture, but Shanghai has definitely stepped up in its game in the food arena. In Nanjing Road alone (alleyways and backroads), you can find so many traditional restaurants, and best of all, they’re very reasonably priced.


Shanghai may be hailed as the fashion capital of China, but I must admit-I enjoyed shopping in Beijing more. There’s more fashion stores and malls in Shanghai. Though it was harder for me to find unique and good quality  men’s clothing than women’s. So I guess, girls of all ages will have more fun shopping here. And if you’ve got lots of money to spend- then the flagships of international luxury shops are eagerly waiting for you in SH!

Navigating around the city.

To say that Shanghai is a bustling city is an understatement. I love the vibe of Shanghai but the traffic, millions of people clogging the streets, smog, etc. can be quite intense. So be prepared and wear good walking shoes and mask!


It really helps to know how to speak a few Chinese words or phrases when travelling to China. Most people do NOT speak English, and they don’t hold back to simply not talk to you if you’re not making any sense to them. This can be potentially frustrating when you’re trying to ask something in a restaurant or dealing with the notorious city Taxi drivers.

After enjoying the bright lights of SH, I’m ready to go and re-visit my favourite chinese city of all- Hong Kong.

(Coat by Bai Peng- 798 Art District, Ralph Lauren Distressed Jeans, LGR tripoli)

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  1. Wow! Hong Kong looks incredible. Thank you for all the tips. I absolutely love your coat, I need to check out Bai Peng for my husband.

  2. I am headed to Shanghai next week for the first time. I am nervous and excited all in one. Any recommendations of places to go if you are a vegetarian? I am concerned that I will starve but I want to experience as much as I can.

  3. Michael Roberts

    I’d really like to visit Shanghai! You’ve done a great job of capturing the feel of the city in your photographs. I love the processing you’ve done on your city shots – really cool!

  4. anniemariepeters

    Thanks for sharing these photos of Shanghai. I would love to hear a little bit more about the cuisine. What was the meal you had in the picture? The soup in the little spoon dish looks yummy!

    • Hi Annie. It’s a shame I haven’t really had the time to take more ‘food’ photos for this post. I was too busy The ‘lone food picture was taken from a restaurant (mix of french/italian cuisine). In the spoon dish was actually creme brulee! And the rest are just assorted yummy sweet treats!