Shanghai Express! Onboard China’s Fastest Train.

After spending almost a week in Beijing, it was time to pack my bags again and move on. I decided that the best way to get from Beijing to Shanghai was to get on board China’s fastest train- the CRH (China Railway High-speed).  Pro-tip: Get the best seat and book Business class. Yes, First class is a step-down from Business, so if you want the best experience, book the latter. It’s so worth it!


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Speeding at about 300 km/h; Once a 10- hour train ride is now cut to just below 50%! That’s about 4 hours and 48 minutes to be precise.

The most exciting part for me about this trip was seeing the rural/country of side of China. Maybe it was just the railway connection route, but I definitely did NOT see any rural-ness throughout the journey. China is definitely a country that can’t stop from developing and expanding.

It was quite surprising, quite bizarre even, to see high rise buildings and/or factories randomly built in the middle of nowhere (like really tall buildings surrounded by farmlands. It’s virtually a mind f**k.) Many resembled that of a post-apocalyptic scene. Buildings looked bare, uninhabited, and unfinished. Adding to the gloomy effect was the pervading smog, which blanketed every town and city in China.

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All in all, my Shanghai Express was a great experience. I thought I was going to see a remote and traditional countryside of China. Instead, I saw a different and strange scenes of the city’s extension that stretched from miles and miles away. But I thought it was charming and absolutely intriguing- the strangeness of it all. And I kinda liked it.


(Lanvin sunglasses, Kenzo Sweatshirt, Ice Tree Coat from 798 Art District Beijing, Ralph Lauren Jeans)

And less than five hours later- I arrived in Shanghai!

x War Julian x


  1. My oh my, you have outdone yourself with this post. I am drooling at the inside of that train. I have to try it out. I do have one question though, did you feel the movement (ie. train speed)? I fear a bit of motion sickness.