Chinese Street Fashion at 798 Art District, Beijing China.


I was thrilled to find out that 798 Art District also had a thriving fashion scene. Dare I say- the best I’ve seen in Beijing!

Apart from fantastic paintings and sculptures, you can also find emerging independent fashion labels and designers here. Modern Chinese fashion is very much alive in 798. Although, it was a bit tricky to identify the clothing stores (they are randomly scattered around 798), but once you find them, you’ll be rewarded with unique, well-made, fashion forward clothing and accessories.

Bai Peng.

Tucked in a retro/antique shop is independent designer Bai Peng’s fashion cave. Seriously, if I wasn’t being inquisitive and opening secret doors here and there, I wouldn’t have realise that his shop ever existed. It was a store within a store. His unique designs immediately caught my attention. Then I met E.T. (‘just like the Alien’, she said).  A very sweet and accommodating girl who showed me the collection and told me all about the brand. I also met the designer himself. E.T. was Bai Peng’s girlfriend, business partner, and she also appeared as an ad model for the brand. Talk about fashion business independence! She had to do all the explanation and interpreting as she was the only one who could speak english in the store.

I adore androgynous, unique, and unconventional cuts in clothing. Bai Peng is a champion in this category. I asked him about his design principles. He said he liked to go back to traditional Chinese tailoring but adding a modern flair to it. He really tried his best to explain more but was apologetic that he couldn’t express himself well in English.

I told him not to worry as I was already captivated by his designs just by looking at them.

The clothes spoke and I listened well.

1 Bai Peng, Chinese, Beijing fashion designer 3 4


Ice Tree.

This store was another great find! An independently owned fashion label, their designs also cater to the androgynous tastebuds. The big gowns/smocks and asymmetrical jackets were just two of the many pieces that begged to go home with me.

I did pick a few.

5 war julian, travel and fashion blogger 7 8


I was grieving about the fact that this was my last day in Beijing. There were still more shops to see but it was already late and Beijing is one unforgivable city to navigate around during the night, especially for tourists like me. I could have spent more time here. Woe is me.




Living in the Hutong (-ish). A night view from my room.

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Goodnight and farewell Beijing. Next stop, Shanghai.


x War Julian x


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