Aqua Day

Aqua Day.

I love staring at an aquarium. It’s meditative. Colorful aquatic creatures slowly moving in the water-  makes me feel like time goes a little bit…slower too. So going inside one of the largest in the world like the Osaka Aquarium, takes aquarium meditation to the next level for me. C’est incroyable! It feels like you’re in the depths of the abyssal zone: quiet (apart from the bubbling water), dark, and mysterious.

I’d say that my favourites are the majestic (huge!) whale sharks, Dolphins, and the different kinds of Jelly Fish.

Oh, and the sharks too.

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(Black Leather Bag and Sunglasses by Lanvin, Kenzo Paris Sweater from, Distressed Jeans by Ralph Lauren from Amerika-Mura Osaka, Shoes by Vivienne Westwood from I was quite skeptical of these Westwood shoes at first (PVC  material), but it’s surprisingly soft and comfortable to use, even for long distance/long day walking. It feels almost the same as wearing leather shoes, while the copper Orb design is just seductive.)

x War Julian x


  1. Amazing outfit! Miss you guys xoxo

    PS Tom’s photos are great!

  2. What a perfection


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