Country Road: Australian Outback Style.

Decided to visit Derby today and enjoyed every bit of the road trip. It’s a good 2-hour drive from Broome and the scenery was amazing. For starters, I’ve never seen so many giant Ant Hills in my life and they are quite creepy. From afar, they looked like tombstones laid side-by-side just like in a cemetery. Another great attractions were open wide savannas and creeks with crocodiles swimming in it of course!

The main reason why I wanted to visit Derby was to visit the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre. I’ve always been very intrigued by the style and symbolisms of Aboriginal Art. The Mowanjum’s depiction of the Wandjina is truly unique and very enigmatic for me. The Wandjinas (Aboriginal Sky Gods) literally look like space aliens! No wonder a lot of alternative creation/evolution theorists go crazy about it.

In the end, there were so many Mowanjum Art paintings to choose from that I ended up buying none. I thought I’d give myself some time to think and decide carefully which one I should get.

How I wished I could take photos and share some of the paintings here. As it was forbidden, the only picture I could take was the Mowanjum Art Centre’s sign board outside it’s building. It was quite pretty too.

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Photos by T.O.M and me


Style/Fashion Notes: Wearing my trusty Tripoli LGR sunglasses (blocks excessive sun and dusts of the Kimberly!), Leopard Prints T-shirt from ACNE (so breathable and soft, very outback weather-appropriate), INSIGHT shorts, Givenchy leather shoes.


x War Julian x