Broome: Tropical Australian Paradise!

I am not exaggerating when choosing the word- Paradise in the title.

Few minutes prior to the plane landing; I am looking out the window and Broome is quite a sight to behold from above- sparkly white sands, incredible turquoise-colored seas, and the reddish outback soil look incredibly fascinating. I’ve never seen such grand geographical features.

When I was a kid, I only thought of cold places like Sydney and Melbourne whenever someone speaks of Australia.  Never did I understand that from the vastness of this continent, there could be a place like Broome; with it’s (mostly) sunny weather and terrific flat beaches. It’s a small town in the Western part of Australia in the Kimberly Region. It draws a number of holiday-makers  during the Dry, which is the cold season starting May to around October. However, if tropical rain, impressive lightnings, and booming thunder are what you’re after then come during it’s hot and humid season during the Wet, which is from November up to April.

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4.2 Japanese Cemetery, Broome, Australia

 Although very laid-back, charming, and seems almost a perfect place to live, it is so easy to feel isolated from the rest of the world in Broome. Literally speaking, it is isolated and remote- the size of the Kimberly region (where Broome lies) is three-times the landmass of England! It takes hours and hours to go from one place to another.

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But I do like it here.

It is very purifying not being in crowded urban places for a change.

For now, Broome is home.

x War Julian x