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Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Farm

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Farm One of the best things here in remote Australia is the Wildlife. In Broome, you can “safely” watch crocodiles and other wildlife creatures at the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife farm. They’ve got the most notorious crocs in Australia and possibly- in the whole world. That’s because […]

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Broome Australia, Camel Ride at Cable Beach

Broome: Tropical Australian Paradise!

Broome: Tropical Australian Paradise! I am not exaggerating when choosing the word- Paradise in the title. Few minutes prior to the plane landing; I am looking out the window and Broome is quite a sight to behold from above- sparkly white sands, incredible turquoise-colored seas, and the reddish outback soil look incredibly […]

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Karl Lagerfeld's New Chanel Film "Once Upon A Time..."

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Chanel Film “Once Upon A Time…”

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Chanel Film “Once Upon A Time…” I’ve been a follower of Karl’s Chanel short movies for quite some time and this, by far, is the best one I’ve seen! Haters critics say that these films are very amateurish, actors are terrible and that Karl should stay away […]

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