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Christian Dior Spring 2013 Haute Couture Paris

Raf Simon’s collection for the ‘Christian Dior Spring 2013 Haute Couture Paris’ IS the new ‘New Look’ of Dior! What makes this collection simply admirable: * Very in tune with Raf Simon’s aesthetics yet still in the spirit Christian Dior’s philosophy of style. * Ageless, quite understated yet incredibly crafty (it’s […]

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Why bother being creative?- by Earl Nightingale

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Royal Crescent. Bath, England.

A real-life, classic, painting scene: Bath, England.

Truly one of the best destination to visit in England! When I was in the UK I’ve decided to visit the city of Bath. Located in Somerset in Southwest England, the name originated when the city was first established as a Spa. The city is now well known as Bath […]

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Auckland New Zealand

My favourite food shops in Auckland! (and other random places)

While living in Auckland  I have developed some fondness for the following food shops: 1. Buns @ High St. – Inexpensive and great choices of pick-up-lunch food. Very friendly staff too! 2. Gateau House @ High St. – I sacrifice dieting anytime, with their ‘Tiramisu Cake’. Period. 3. [email protected] Queen […]

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