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How to put Bloglovin icon to your WordPress blog

I just signed up with Bloglovin! Here’s how to add Bloglovin to your WordPress site: 1. Get a Bloglovin account. 2. In bloglovin go to Account > Blogs by me > Claim Blog (enter your blog address then hit Search). 3. You should now see your blog site from the search […]

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I CAN still do it! Kwayzar, the 84-yr.old rapper!

Saw this guy on Australian morning show today and I couldn’t help but admire. Here’s Kwayzar (the oldest rapper in the world :D) proving to everyone that you’re never too old to do whatever you want to do.

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Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld shares some secrets (Interview)

Quotes from Karl: 1. “I work with INSTINCTS, but I don’t ANALYSE the way I work…because then I enter the Kingdom of Marketing…and I don’t even know what it means, what is Marketing? It’s English expression for going to the market???” 2. “I never do marketing. I do what I […]

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