What is your blog all about? Diary about my travels, collection of photography and arts I made or found, fashion musings, and inspiring/interesting people.

What is your personal clothing style? I go for variety: mixing vintage with new, luxury and street, custom-made pieces, flea-market finds, one-off pieces, practical with runway; because sometimes the exquisite and the banal is a refreshing combination.

Do you wear an outfit or garment/accessory more than once? Absolutely. Lots of times if I really like it. My style/fashion mantra is to: Re-use, Re-mix, Re-imagine. It’s a good way to exercise one’s creativity and imagination. 

Why the fascination for Art? Anything done with artistry- whether it’s a photograph, painting, clothing, book, song- makes me inspired and keeps my sanity intact.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from? Everyday experiences, People, Books, Movies, Internet, Social media, Friends, Dreams, Art.

Why blog? My mind is like a frisky hound that demands regular walks and attention. This blog is that extra space for my creative energies to run wild without limits. Also, it gives me something to do.