Massaro x Laurence Dacade : Ultimate Cinderella Shoes

Massaro x Laurence Dacade: Ultimate Cinderella Shoes

I am a huge fan of Parisian arts and couture. I am one of those people who keeps on obsessing and dreaming about the fabulous ateliers and the incredible creations they make – be it clothes, jewelries, or shoes. This obsessive quest for fine craftsmanship, passed down through centuries by skilled artisans are endangered of being lost. Fortunately, there are still original French ateliers in business (e.g. Chanel’s Metiers d’Art) and producing exquisite pieces that are really worth an investment.

Enter – Massaro shoes. I learned about this famed family of shoemakers while watching Loic Prigent’s documentary called Signe Chanel a long time ago. I promised myself to visit Monsieur Massaro’s atelier when I visit Paris.

For the uninitiated, a few facts about Maison Massaro:

  • Massaro was founded in 1894 in Rue de la Paix ( a very unassuming building near the Place Vendome) and still remains today.
  • Crafted shoes for legendary celebrities like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, and even the Duchess of Windsor and Pope John Paul II.
  • Also made accessories for couture houses like Mugler and Gaultier.
  • Crafted the original two-tone sandals for Coco Chanel.
  • Collaborates with Karl Lagerfeld to produce the dreamiest haute couture shoes and sandals for the house of Chanel.
  • Maison Massaro is currently headed by Philippe Atienza (since 2008) and collaborated with Laurence Dacade to continue Massaro’s legacy and propel the brand forward for today’s fashionable and discerning clientele.

About Laurence Dacade:

  • Parisian accessories designer who launched her own label in 2003.
  • Style philosophy: Shoes must be sexy, elegant, chic but never boring.
  • Aside from her namesake brand, she also designs for the fashion industry’s most luxurious houses.
  • Her shoes are really chic and NOT boring I would wear them myself!

I was fortunate enough to see for myself the shoe collection by Dacade and Massaro in a pop-up store in Paris. Located at 19 Rue Cambon, this temporary store looked classy and modern at the same time. The shoes, adorning the two-level building, were a delight to see!

The collection was inspired by fairy tale heroines, and is a fine example of a mini-work of art yet never sacrificing functionality. I admired the golden baroque heels with exquisite details, aged and hammered leathers in black and silver, and the most luxurious laced pant boot in existence. Not to mention, a collection of really chic and modern men’s shoes were also on display.

The store is said to be only open until the end of January 2015!

Picture below: Laurence Dacade, Raymond Massaro, and shoes by Laurence Dacade.

massaro, laurence dacade shoes


At the Massaro pop-up store in Paris:

war julian at warjuliancom massaro paris massaro shoes Laurence Dacade, Massaro shoes massaro and laurence dacade


Fashion/Style Notes: Visit the Massaro pop-up store at 19 Rue Cambon, 1 Arrondisement in Paris. Also, you can buy Laurence Dacades amazing shoes here.


x War Julian x

Views from the top: the Swiss Alps!

Views from the top: the Swiss Alps!

It was, as if I’m leaving my childhood dreams.

I’m on top of the freakin’ Swiss Alps?!  The scenery was so beautiful and surreal I could almost see and hear Heidi skipping and yodelling over the nearby hills.

The chalet could never be any more ideal in it’s location. It was tucked away from my fellow frenzied tourists, and offered a panoramic, unobstructed views of the great Bernese Alps. If heaven was a village, this must be it.

It was therapy – high alpine style. The air was fresh, and the only sound you could hear were the rustling from the leaves of the forest trees and the occasional tram that runs every few hours. The majestic snow-capped mountains were so captivating you could literally stare at them for hours.

One clear night, I gazed with reverence on the moon casting it’s brightness over the Alps, making the mountains even more illuminated and stunning. I then wrapped myself with the thickest blanket I could find, and sat on a wooden chair outdoors.

Feeling the evening air brushing on my cheeks and hair; it was the perfect time to introspect, and enjoy being.

warjulian, fashion blog, swiss alps warjulian travel and fashion blogger 4 6 7fashion blogger warjulian

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Style/Fashion Notes: Hat by Stetson, Eyewear by Saint Laurent, Vintage neon scarf bought from Berlin, Unisex Pleated Gown by IceTree from 798 fashion district in Beijing, Raf Simons x Ruby Sterling boots. 

Photography by T.O.M.


x War Julian x

In the name of: Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby

In the name of: Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby

The collaboration between fashion designer Raf Simons and modern artist Sterling Ruby is one of my favourite shows for men’s fall/winter 2014.

See video below.


I was so excited to see these clothes for myself when I visited Antwerp (Belgium). The design has an edgy, modern feel, mixed with pop-art and rock-and-roll sensibilities.The colours and shapes looked amazing in video but even more sensational when seen and felt in reality. My favourites are definitely the oversized jackets – which made the male models looked like young boys wearing hand-me-downs from their incredibly fashionable fathers; the limited edition, paint-splattered jeans and shirt, in different colours – which apparently Sterling Ruby painted himself; and last but not the least, the boots – some people call them the clown boots, orthotic/moonboots, etc. but I adoooree them. These boots (in collaboration with Adidas) are enormous, yet feather-light and so comfortable to wear. They come in white, black, and glowing acid orange – guess which one I bought!

The guys in the shop were very knowledgeable, attentive, and in full Simons/Ruby get-up (and they get to keep them, lucky ba#@%rds!). The warehouse-like, gallery-esque, highly-stylised, pop-up store/building with Sterling Ruby’s installations hanging like gigantic sausages (the very one’s used in the actual Paris fashion show) unquestionably called for a blog photo-op!

Another fun and unique shopping experience.

raf simons fall winter 2014 Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby War Julian raf simons


Fashion/Style Notes: DAN DVRAN (Philippines) Leopard print chiffon scarf, 1960s Nylon Coat (Le Marais, Paris), Karl Lagerfeld studded leather gloves (K.L. shop, Antwerp), Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby Pants and Boots; Location: Antwerp, Belgium by T.O.M.

x War Julian x

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M.

Were you one of those courageous people, who fought their way through the stampede of fashion minions at the Alex Wang x H&M launch last month?

I wasn’t.

However, truth be told – if I had the chance – I would have participated in that state of fashion pandemonium too.

Neither Dublin (Ireland) was spared in the A.W. x H&M hysteria. Key pieces allegedly sold out in less than 30 minutes during the opening day. By fashion miracle, I was able to grab a piece (ONE week post-launching day); A piece that I’d actually been ogling over the internet, a few days before it was made available in stores. I had great fun styling this cropped/scuba diver’s top – reportedly, the last one left on the shelf in Dublin that day!

I’m very impressed with it’s quality too. I like that the fabric is stiff to look at, yet soft to the touch. Hmm I’m beginning to predict that structure, texture, and construction might dominate my next fashion obsession; Ohh…yesss…I can see the future now.


I also think that the ambiguous WANG embossed-print is a great tongue-in-cheek statement and I do love some shameless designer-name-plugging written all over my clothes (if done brilliantly, like this one). This sweatshirt merges well with what’s already in my wardrobe and corresponds beautifully with my personal style.

Instead of doing the urban-casual/sporty look (as the collection is obviously geared for), I experimented a little bit and did my own – warjulian spin to it!

alexander wang x h&m, warjulian,, male fashion blogger

warjulian, war julian,, male fashion blogger, travel blog

alexander wang x h&m, warjulian,, male fashion blogger


Style/Fashion Notes: Stetson felt hat, LGR sunnies, Chanel necklace, houndstooth shirt, Alexander Wang x H&M sweatshirt, Bai Peng pants, Marni Shoes. Shot in St. Stephen’s Green Park, Dublin Ireland.


x War Julian x

War Julian in Paris!

War Julian in Paris!

Paris. The city that gives you that instant Joie de vivre the moment you arrive. The Eifel tower, the river Seine, gilded angel sculptures; everything seems so beautiful and romantic. Unless you’re not from this universe, you know that Paris is synonymous with fashion. And the art – you don’t even need to go to the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay – the Parisian streets are filled with it. So quite obviously, I’m very at home here.

war julian, fashion blog, french fashion, chic, eifel tower


I romanticised and idealised Paris so much as a child. I think of it as a world in amorous sepia color; where everybody’s dressed so chicly; colourful macarons and mouth-watering eclairs overflowing; Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose music playing in the background; and the eye-catching Eiffel tower spreading pixie dust, turning  the whole city oh-so glittery and gay!

war julian,, fashion blog, travel blog, fashion blogger, paris, france, paris, paris streets, paris france, fashion blog, fashion blogger, travel blog


My exuberance as I arrive in Paris is pretty much like that of Carrie Bradshaw, in the Sex and the City, Paris episode (if you have no clue what I am talking about – shame on you!):



But of course, this is my own Parisian rhapsody. In reality, like any other big city, some parts of Paris is dirty, polluted, traffic-jammed, and filled with old building apartments that don’t have lifts!

So, like Carrie – I had miserable moments too:

A1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G7 G8 H9


Ok, so I’m a little bit obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw but the point is – did I let these unhappy moments ruin my stay in Paris?


I think the positive and negative aspects of the city make Paris what it is.

For me, Paris will forever be that charming, romantic, sepia-coloured city, with an imposing fairy dust-sprinkling eiffel tower in the middle. Fantasies are way much better than realities.

3B 4 12 14 5 9 6 7 8 11 15 16 17


Style/Fashion Notes: Floppy hat, Distressed jeans, H&M checkered shirt, Chanel necklace, Marni shoes, Red Wig, matching black and white floral t-shirt and shorts.

x War Julian x


Chanel No. 5: The One That I Want

Chanel No. 5: The One That I Want

chanel no. 5, karl lagerfed, giselle bundchen

I adore the latest Chanel No. 5 ad! The 3-minute clip dazzles with heavenly haute couture fashion, hauntingly beautiful music (Lo-Fang’s smoky rendition of  You’re the One That I Want is on continous loop on my ipod at the moment), emotionally heart-rending storyline, and incredibly beautiful people – #giselebundchen’sASS!



Not only does Gisele B. flaunts her phenomenally well-maintained, age-defying anatomical proportions here, but the lady can act; quite convincingly too, if I may add. It’s a classic hollywood drama meets parisian couture extravaganza in a short perfume ad!

I think that Karl Lagerfeld and Baz Luhrmann should do a full length film already!

Also watch the behind-the-scenes clips below:


What do you think of the new Chanel No. 5 ad.?


x War Julian x

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold.

I’m really savouring the remaining glorious weather of the dry season here in Broome. A few days ago it felt quite hot and humid again. A telltale reminder that the wet season (hot, humid, and stormy period of the year) is now slowly approaching.

However, today the weather was in paradise mode again. I headed to Cable beach and enjoyed the cool breeze matched with the afternoon sun’s temperature-perfect warmth on my skin- you know, the kind of sunshine that doesn’t actually burn your epidermal layers!

Nevertheless, I never get tired of gazing at this sunset view. Nowhere else in the world you could experience the most magnificent golden hour spectacle -than here in Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

On a #OOTD or #WIWT (whatever they call it these days) note though; I loved wearing this super comfy T-shirt and silver shorts, all from Americal Apparel. They feel good, they’re soft and airy. They’re like beach pyjamas for me. Plus, I am a big fan of the brand. I can NOT resist admiring their controversial, tongue-in-cheek campaign ads every season. And their products are just off-beat and deliciously weird together with it- which J’aaadoreee!

The big (red) elephant in the room of course is my hair. It’s a beautiful, well-crafted wig from Seoul, Korea. The best of it’s kind. Now I now why most Korean guys (and gals) have cool hairstyles. There are just so many different varieties, textures, and colors! Most of all, they’re really comfortable to wear. After a few minutes on your head, you’ll forget you’re wearing one (Most wigs from S. Korea are of top-notched quality and very reasonably priced. There’s a lot of brands, so make sure you read the reviews first before choosing). I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to dramatically transform their features- fast. Plus wearing it is just fun anyway!

It’s not uncommon in Asia, especially in highly fashionable-conscious  Korea and Japan. I think the rest of the world should ditch the boooringg wagon and catch up! These beautiful men and women wear wigs as naturally as they wear their underwear- everyday.

Fashion/Style Notes: Lanvin Sunnies, American Apparel T-shirt and silver shorts, Serpentine bracelet from 798 Art District China, Necklace from Seoul, Korea.

male fashion blogger, travel blogger, australia, war julian, fashion blog, travel blog 2FRAMES-A IMG_0980 warjulian, fashion blogger, travel  blogger, male fashion war julian, warjulian, fashion blog, ootd, IMG_0987


Question: Have you done any makeover that really dramatically transformed your look? Or what was your unforgettable style achievement (or failure/shame) story? Finally, what do you think about American Apparel’s campaign ads over the years? Let me know and share them by clicking on comments.


x War Julian x


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